Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

  1. Das, Lalatendu Keshari et al. (2019). ‘Research Scholars’ Epistemological Predicament’. Economic and Political Weekly, 54(23):35-42.
  2. Das, Lalatendu Keshari (2018). ‘Social movements-judicial activism nexus and neoliberal transformation in India: Revisiting Save Chilika Movement’ in Sociological Bulletin, 67(1): 84-102.
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  4. Das, Lalatendu Keshari (2014). ‘Privatisation of the CPRs and the Informal Sector: A Case of Chilika Lake’ in Economic and Political Weekly, 49 (40).

Book Chapters

  1. Chatterjee, Ranit, Lalatendu Keshari Das and Ambika Dabral (2020). ‘Stressors of Disaster Induced Displacement and Migration on Urban Ecology in India’, in Pramit Verma, Pardeep Singh, Rishikesh Singh and A.S. Raghubamsi (Eds.) Urban Ecology: Emerging Patterns and Social-Ecological Systems. New York: Elsevier, pp. 71-89. (ISBN 9780128207307).
  2. Das, Lalatendu Keshari (2020). ‘Neo-community Formation, Contestation and Policy Making in India: Narratives from Chilika’ in Sunil Ray, Neetu Choudhary and Rajiv Kamal Kumar (Eds.) Theorising Cohesive Development: An Alternate Paradigm. New Delhi: Routledge, pp. 222-235. (ISBN 9781138580633)

Published Book Review(s) and Other Publications

  1. Chatterjee, Ranit and Das, Lalatendu Keshari (2021). Strengthening Disaster Resilience of the Power Sector in India, Energy Future: The Complete Energy Magazine, 9(1): 32-39.
  2. Das, Lalatendu Keshari (2020). Co-production of Knowledge through Collaborative Learning. Blogpost on Transformation to Sustainability website. 
  3. Das, Lalatendu Keshari (2020). Sharing Knowledge Instead of Food: TAPESTRY at the Versova Koli Seafood Festival 2020, Blogpost on STEPS Centre, Institute of Development Studies, Sussex website. 
  4. Sarmah, Manalisa & Das, Lalatendu Keshari (2019). ‘Subjective Underpinnings of “Objective” School Assessment Services in India’, ISA RC 02 Economy and Society December 2019 Newsletter.
  5. Das, Lalatendu Keshari (2016). ‘Book Review: Depoliticising Social Change and the Celebration of In-equality in Rural India’, in eSocialSciences. 
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