Dr. Lalatendu Keshari Das


I am an Assistant Professor of Sociology at the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences in the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee.

Picture Courtesy: Ram Chandra Pandit

Hailing from a liminal region, that is neither coastal nor hinterland, in Odisha, I have lived, studied, and/or worked in the states of Jharkhand, Delhi, Karnataka, Telangana, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Uttarakhand.

I secured my doctoral degree from the University of Hyderabad (2019) and have since worked on the intersection of Marxist debates on capitalist development, political subjectivity and environmental and social justice.

I work and teach primarily on themes relating to agrarian change, political ecology and the informal sector.

Contact: lkdas[at]hs[dot]iitr[dot]ac[dot]in

Photograph: Upper Ganga Canal aqueduct on the Solani River, Roorkee

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